Infusions are one of the simplest ways to take herbal medicine. The process is similar to that of making tea as you can use just one herb or a big combination of herbs, which is what makes infusions so helpful when you need to take a number of different medicinal herbs. Infusions may also be drunk hot or cold, like tea.

How to make an infusion?

You may be wondering how to make an infusion by now, so I will explain how to make a thyme, ground ginger and lemon infusion and a thyme, ground allspice and honey infusion. The reason I am using thyme is because it has a variety of different uses, such as treating muscle pain, coughs, maintaining vitality, etc. Another reason is to emphasise that infusions are for medicinal purposes, not really for a nice drink! However, we make these infusions better and tastier by adding other herbs and sweeteners, like honey or lemon.

  1. Depending on which recipe you are following (you can try one of the above if you want, or use your own), measure the herb(s) into a glass and fill it up roughly halfway with freshly boiled water.
  2. Cover the glass with a plate, saucepan, or whatever you have and leave the herbs to infuse for about 8 minutes.
  3. Next, get another glass/mug and place a sieve over it and strain the infusion into it.
  4. After this, add a sweetener or a few sweeteners of your choice! This could be honey, lemon, syrup, blended berries, etc.
  5. Finally, enjoy your medicinal infusion!

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