Info on Water Sports

Hi everyone, today I will be telling you about water sports! I will be writing a chain of blogs on sport, so after reading this, feel free to check out my future sports blogs! Anyway, you may find that most sports people do are on land and that water sports aren’t that popular. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t as good; they’re just not as well known. I personally love water sports (well, not do much in the winter lol), because I feel like I have freedom in the water and I feel alive and with nature. Water sports are also one of the best type of sports to do if you feel stressed or sad as the beautiful nature surrounding you makes you feel very peaceful and refreshed.

Different water sports:

  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Diving
  • Water skiing
  • Rowing
  • Scuba diving

Beautiful water areas in the UK

  • Marlow/Cookham area (South-East)
  • Southampton
  • Lake District
  • Loch Ness (Scotland)
  • Lake Vrynwy (Wales)
  • Kynance Cove (Cornwall)
  • Woolacombe Beach (Devon)
  • East Lyn River (picturesque but unsuitable for doing most water sports)
  • Isle of White

Lastly, I would like to give you all some tips from my experiences, as I do racing kayaking in the UK all year, except some of Jan/Feb.

You should aim to do/ start water sports in the summer since it’s warmest and, to begin with, you should always wear a life jacket, even if you’re an experienced swimmer. Make sure to wear suitable clothes too- I recommend light, thermal clothes or wetsuits, depending on what sport you’re doing. The ‘KIPSTA’ brand is good and a great place to buy all sports gear is Decathlon, which I always go to!

Kynance Cove

You should keep warm until the very last minute, instead of trying to get used to the cold before going out. You should get changed as soon after as you can and if you’re inexperienced or young, make sure you’re not alone for the first few experiences. You also need to make sure that you have a river license if you’re going out on your own and you should always stay clear of boats and only go onto their wash if you’re confident. You should try to tuck into the side if you can, but if not, just keep moving when the wash coming from the boat(s) approaches you, as moving actually keeps you more stable. Finally, always remember that if you’re going upstream, stick to the side, and stay in the middle if you’re going downstream.


Everyone will experience a stressful study period of time every now and again in their life, whether it be preparing for exams or a new job. In this period of time, many people wonder if there is a way to make studying easier.

Well, in all fairness, most of it comes down to your mental mindset and the schedule you create, along with your physical well-being, of course. Today, I just wanted to give a few tips about studying the right way.

Firstly, you should set a schedule, according to how much time you have before the exam; try to plan as far ahead as possible. If you have homework, get it done first and then revise- but don’t do too much in one go, as you will only end up with headaches and feeling more stressed. Secondly, make sure you get the right amount of exercise, food and sleep. Generally, if you’re getting too stressed with studying, it isn’t actually as bad as you think. When you feel this way, you should take a break and do some exercise, whether that be running, cycling, water sports or anything outdoors. Aim high, so that you feel you’ve achieved something! You will most likely feel good after this, so it’s good for the mornings, when you can workout, shower and sit down to work with fresh thinking! Also, it is particularly important that you get plenty of sleep the night before an exam as this affects your performance- try not to go on any electronics an hour before you go to sleep.

There are many different methods of revising, such as flashcards, mind maps, posters, others testing you, etc. I usually go for mind maps or notes and someone else then testing me because this is the fastest, most efficient and reinforcing method. As for remembering what you revise, you should look at your notes frequently- every morning if you can and you should set tests for yourself to complete later on. If you need to memorise some information in a short space of time, there is a method that a man named Jim Kwik uses that is good. It is where you memorise things in order, whilst associating that information with something, e.g, your eyes, nose, mouth, etc. This is to help your brain remember the information in order. If you are interested in this, you can go to Although, I only watched his 1hr or so free tutorial, I found that this method was very helpful, especially with learning languages.

Lastly, I would like to recommend some good foods and music to have whilst you are studying. For foods, you should aim for healthy foods and a balanced diet. Fish is particularly good for you as it helps the brain function, plenty of vegetables, like spinach as it helps protect you from chronic diseases and fruit, like berries because they are very nutritious. As for music, I find it a very important part of studying (only if you enjoy music, of course), because it helps me to block out any outside noise and it makes me feel relaxed when studying. However, you may find that, like me, you just can’t focus with music that has words in it or is too upbeat and what-not. Well, don’t worry because I’ve discovered some helpful playlists lately, that are all on Spotify, which I use for free. They are: Study Playlist 2020, Study Music 2020 and my personal favourite is the Intense Study Album as the music really gets you immersed and focused on studying. I hope you enjoyed the blog and sorry that I’m quite late with posting.


Decoctions are similar to infusions. Like infusions, they are similar to herbal teas and can be taken hot or cold. The main difference is that decoctions usually contain roots, bark and berries, along with herbs and sometimes leaves and flowers. They are also more efficient if you want to make herbal tea for a group of people.

Some herbal ingredients I recommend for decoctions could be: ginger(root), raspberries and blackberries(berries or leaves), lemon(fruit), peppermint(any part of plant), cardamom pods(herb), garlic(cloves), etc. You can also add tea bags at the end for flavour or your health.

How to make a decoction?

  1. Get a saucepan and pour roughly 750ml of cold water. Add the herbs and boil for 25 mins.
  2. Strain into a jug with a sieve and pour into cups for each person.
  3. Alternatively, boil water in a kettle and add to the saucepan. Add the herbs and boil for 10-15 mins.
  4. If you have any left over, wait for it to cool down, then cover with cling film and store it in a fridge. Enjoy!

I hope you found this useful and that you now know whether to make an infusion or a decoction. I personally prefer decoctions because they can last a few days. Also note that you can always just boil herbs in a saucepan, like you do with decoctions, to get the same results as a herbal infusion. This is useful if you want/need to take a herbal drink regularly!


Infusions are one of the simplest ways to take herbal medicine. The process is similar to that of making tea as you can use just one herb or a big combination of herbs, which is what makes infusions so helpful when you need to take a number of different medicinal herbs. Infusions may also be drunk hot or cold, like tea.

How to make an infusion?

You may be wondering how to make an infusion by now, so I will explain how to make a thyme, ground ginger and lemon infusion and a thyme, ground allspice and honey infusion. The reason I am using thyme is because it has a variety of different uses, such as treating muscle pain, coughs, maintaining vitality, etc. Another reason is to emphasise that infusions are for medicinal purposes, not really for a nice drink! However, we make these infusions better and tastier by adding other herbs and sweeteners, like honey or lemon.

  1. Depending on which recipe you are following (you can try one of the above if you want, or use your own), measure the herb(s) into a glass and fill it up roughly halfway with freshly boiled water.
  2. Cover the glass with a plate, saucepan, or whatever you have and leave the herbs to infuse for about 8 minutes.
  3. Next, get another glass/mug and place a sieve over it and strain the infusion into it.
  4. After this, add a sweetener or a few sweeteners of your choice! This could be honey, lemon, syrup, blended berries, etc.
  5. Finally, enjoy your medicinal infusion!

Exercising #1

Hi guys! I’ve decided that my first blog will be about exercising! In my opinion, exercising properly is the key to good health as it helps take your mind off stressful thoughts, helps you achieve a healthy body weight, can even lower the risk of some diseases and, let’s be honest, it makes us look better and feel happier. What I love about exercising is that anyone can do it, at any age- at different levels, of course! This week’s exercises will be about warm-ups!

  1. Firstly, we’re going to do some stretches. Start by raising your arm over your head and give it a soft pull, until you feel a pull in your abdomen. Then repeat this on the other side. Next, stand up and bring your left hand down to meet your left foot, with your right arm raised up as you bend down- repeat this on the other side too. After this, keeping your legs straight, try to touch your toes- but don’t push yourself too hard as this can result in sore, pulled muscles. Finally, cross your left arm across your right arm, against your chest, and rotate your body, until you feel a pull from the left shoulder. Once again, repeat with your right arm.
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on

2. Secondly, we’re going to do some lunges. Try side and forward lunges, making the gap between your legs gradually wider.

3. Thirdly, do some star jumps, high knees and running on the spot. This will increase your heart rate and get you ready for energetic exercises.

4. Then, how about some balance and rotation? Start off by sitting down with your knees in front of you, slightly bent. Grab a football (or just anything heavy, e.g. a weight) and begin to rotate with your hips from side to side, with your legs still, and your back straight. Afterwards, place something lighter on your legs, like a small cushion. Lie down and raise your legs with the cushion on them. Try to keep the cushion on your legs for one minute. Next, put the objects to the side and get into a crawling position. Put your calves together and your arms shoulder length apart. Raise your left arm and your right leg. This is the superman pose. Hold your arm and leg up for a minute or two. Do it on the other side. This exercise is also used in yoga, to help with strengthening the back and other things. Eventually, do the plank, which is where you get into press-up position, but place the lower arm on the floor too. You then hold it for however long you feel comfortable with- I recommend 2 mins max, so you don’t lose feeling in your arms! It is demonstrated below.

Photo by Li Sun on

5. Next, do some step-ups and mountain climbers. For the step-ups, use something hard to step up onto, for example, the stairs. Go at your own pace and step up onto the stairs and then come back down, gradually increasing your pace. For the mountain climbers, I recommend watching a video on YouTube, so that you do it correctly, but you basically have to get into a press-up position and bring your left leg up, whilst the right leg is still down. Then you swap leg positions, and build up a pace. However, don’t make the common mistake of actually jump upwards when you’re doing these- you’re meant to barely come off the floor, as you go back and forth.

6. After this, we’re going to do the ‘happy and sad’ cat exercise and the ‘happy and sad seal’ pose. I’m sure you’ve heard of the ‘happy and sad’ cat exercise before, but it’s where you get into the position you used for the superman pose and then curl your back in a bit and lift your head up, before pushing your back up and bringing your head into your chest. Repeat this for about a minute. For the seal pose, sit down on your legs and lean forwards, so that your forehead touches the ground and your arms are straight out in front of you. Next, keeping your arms straight, push yourself up onto your stomach and stretch upwards. You should feel a nice pull in the abdomen, as shown below.

Photo by Evelina Zhu on

7. Finally, we’re going to do some leg and arm swings. Start by facing a wall, and swing one leg from side-to-side, as far as you can. Repeat with the other leg. Alternatively, you could face a friend and hold onto their hands, instead of the wall. For the arm swings, simply swing your arm 360 degrees backwards and then forwards for each arm.

Before you continue with your more advanced exercises or sport, make sure to have some good gulps of water, or whatever healthy drink you have! Make sure you are also wearing practical sports gear and that you don’t eat until after you have finished exercising. Thank you for reading my first blog and I hope you found these warm-up exercises just right for you and your friends/family. Please subscribe if you enjoyed my blog. Bye for now guys 🙂


Hi guys, my name is Kerenza and I am starting my first blogging site, My Health Saviour. My blogs will include pretty much anything related to health and the environment, with some topics being: exercising, eating healthily, sleeping and relaxing tips, beauty tips, herbalism, psychological issues and tips, tasty recipes, etc. Please note that I don’t actually have any qualifications in these areas, but everything is purely based on my knowledge, experiences and opinions and I would never mislead anyone with my blogs.

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I decided to make my blogs public because I love connecting with the world and the people in it and I would love to share my blogs with other people and even help them as well. I am open to everyone and I hope my blogs will reach all age groups, races and genders. Within the next year, I hope that many people will hear of my blogs and benefit from them.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you look forward to reading my future blogs!